Chordtela Nobitasan Forever With You

C when the tears come streaming Em Am G down your face C when you lose something Em Am G you cant replace C when you love someone. Letter For Me – Forever With You lirikGenre.

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Letter For Me – Forever With You LyricGenre.

Chordtela nobitasan forever with you. When you try your best Em Am G but you dont succeed C when you get what you want Em Am G but not what you need C when you feel so tired Em Am G but you cant sleep C Em Am G stuck in reverse. C romeo take me somewhere we can be alone G Ill be waiting all theres left to do is run Am youll be the prince and Ill be the princess F Its a love story G baby just say yes. Angelique Edith chord Intro G Fm D Em Em G Fm G B A Verse D G A Fm Bm sesange sorijilleo I love you neolsaranghandago G A Fm Bm naui yeojaga doeeo dallago G A Fm Bm nunbusyeo Always youre my star G A D naeganeol jikyeojulge A C D I can always be waiting for you.

There is no strumming pattern for this song yet. Setelah kau meninggalkan semua mimpi-mimpiku. Please refer to other versions for more in depth chord variants —– Intro G C Em A C G Am D Verse G A great big bang and dinosaurs C Fiery rain and meteors Em A It all ends unfortunately C G But youre gonna live forever in me Am D I guarantee just wait and see Verse G Parts of me were made by you C And planets keep their distance too Em A The moons got a grip on the sea C G And youre gonna live forever.

Kau siakan diriku yang sangat mencintai. You Cm You turn My whole Life So blue A drowning me so deep B i just cant reach my self again E oh you. Kunci Gitar Letter For Me – Forever With You.

West Jakarta IDLyric kehadiranmu dalam hidupkumembuat diriku semakin bersemangatmenj. West Jakarta IDFollow Me On Facebook. Hikmat_triyadiKunci Gitar Chord Lir.

You Cm You turn My whole Life So blue A drowning me so deep B i just cant reach my self again E oh you. Verse 1 C Caught me off guard I wish that Id been sober Am F Still here we are back in Hanover 99 G Just like old times all over C Under the exit lights as beautiful as ever Am I really wish that I dressed up a little better F G No regrets is what we said we cant go back again darling Chorus F G Nobody said that it would last forever C Em Am G That doesnt mean we didnt try to get. Nobitasan tetaplah bersamakuPlease Subscribelangganan _ and Like CommentAdd Fb Me Hikmat TriyadiFollow Instagram Me.

So many nights I held you in my dreams That they ever came true is amazing to me just crazy to see I knew that in time youd always be mine And Im forever in love forever with you. Chords click to close Guitar Ukulele Piano. I like your Ceyes you look away when you preAmtend not to care I like the Dmdimples on the corners of the Gsmile that you wear I like you Emmore the world may know but Adont be scared Coz Im Dmfalling deeper baby Gsus4be preGpared I.

Kunci Gitar Chord Nobitasan – Terluka. Letter For Me – Forever With You. Coz Fmaj7 baby youre the G one I dont know how C In a world devoid of G life you bring color Am In your eyes I see the Em light my future F Always and forever with you C now I cant let you go Fmaj7 Im in love with G you and now you C know.

Dari satu harapan menjadi sejuta mimpi yang ku harapkan selama ini bersama mujadilah yang terbaik jadilah yang terakhir untuk diriku dan untuk selamanyaKu in. F G C. C Am F G 4x Am G F G C Am Kehadiranmu dalam hidupku F G membuat diriku semakin bersemangat C.

Create and get 5 IQ. Dm Am Em Now that I must try to leave it all behind Am Em Did you see what you have done to me. F G and I said.

G Em D C A Chords for Nobitasan – Terima Kasih Chord Lyric Version with song key BPM capo transposer play along with guitar piano ukulele mandolin. G D Em Bm C G Am D. Membiarkan cinta itu pergi.

Menghilang dan hanya tinggalkan. Intro C Am F G C Disaat ku berharap Am hanya engkau yang terbaik F untuk diriku. Dm Too hard to justify E Slowly its passing by Chorus Am Em Forever and one – I will miss you F C F However I kiss you yet again Dm E Way down in neverland Am Em So hard I was trying F C F Tomorrow Ill still be crying Em Am G How could you hide your lies your lies Verse Am Em Here I am seeing you.

F that you were romeo G you were throwing pebbles Am and my daddy said stay away C from juliet F and I was crying on the staircase G Am begging you please dont go. C Am Im in love with you theres nothing I can do F Am G I tell you are the love of my life C Am I will always be yours faithfully F Am G Am G Its forever my heart is promised to you C F All the things that you do C G F Am C And Im forever in love forever with you. Hanya untukku G dan untuk selamanya C Dan kini telah sirna Am setelah kau meninggalkan semua mimpi-mimpiku F kau siakan diriku yang sangat mencintai G dan menyayangi dirimu F G C F Dulu kau bilang sayang akan selalu cinta.

Dulu kau bilang sayang akan selalu cinta F G C. Cm successfully tore my heart A now its only pieces B E oh nothing left but pieces of you E Oh.

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