Chordtela Shes Gon

Chorus C When youre gone Em The pieces of my D heart are missing you C When youre gone Em The face I came D to know is missing too Am When youre gone C The words I need to hear G to always get me D C through the day D And make it OK C Em C Em C Em D I miss. A I was wrong F Im to blame G I was so untrue.

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Verse Am G Tap on my window knock on my door Am G I want to make you feel beautiful Chorus C G I dont mind spending everyday Am G Out on your corner in the pouring rain C G Look for the girl with the broken smile Am G Ask her if she wants to stay awhile C G And she will be loved Am G She will be loved C G And she will be loved Am.

Chordtela shes gon. This dont feel like home CF too much darkness for a rainbow Dm i feel so used. Am i cant breathe Im so weak F i know this isnt easy C G dont tell me that your love is gone. F The barkeepers wigs crooked and shes giving me the eye.

F all my love is gone and the hate is gone CF standing all alone Dm and im searching for something B but i cant feel nothing. Am im sorry dont leave me F i want you here with me C G i know that your love is gone. Kumpulan Chord Gitar SteelheartTerbaru dan Terupdate.

Am Come back F into my arms. Chordtela she will be loved. Bb Well I might have said yeah Bb C F But I laughed so hard I think I died.

Am F when youve gone so far away. Michael Matijevic Guitar Solo Backing Track By Korbiye F310 41 Full Size Acoustic Guitar Beginner Complete Package With A Frame Guitar Stand F 310 Yamaha VTE-946 Veritas Coated Core Technology Electric Guitar Strings DR Strings DR Strings Veritas 9-42 DR Strings Veritas Selamat Mencuba. Shes gone Out of my life.

Chorus Lady wont you save me. Am F C G Am F C dont tell me that your love is gone. Oya sebelum kalian melangkah lebih jauh untuk menjelajahi situs ini kami tekankan lagi bahwa hampir.

Whiskeys gone dry the barkeepers wigs crooked And shes giving me the eye I might have said yeah But I laughed so hard I think I died Now as you close your eyes Know Ill be thinking about you While my mistress she calls me To stand in her spotlight again Tonight I wont be alone But you know that dont mean Im not lonely Ive got nothing to prove for its you That Id die to defend. Steelheart 1990 Written By. Bb While my mistress she calls me F To stand in her spotlight again.

I find it so hard to go on. F she had me going crazy oh i was starstruck G she woke me up daily dont need no starbucks C she made my heart pound and skip a beat when i see her in the street and Am at school on the playground but i really wanna see her on the weekend F she knows shes got me dazing G cause she was so amazing and now my heart is breaking but i just keep on saying Reff. That your love is gone.

Bb never a man of many words Bb opened the door just to see Cm if its locked Dm and now shes gone and youre blocked Bb and will i never understand the game you play Bb is it rigged or am i shit. F i pack my bags and go. G Oh shes gone E I find it so Em FF-Em hard to go on.

Bb Now as you close your eyes F Know Ill be thinking about you. All my dreams are lost Im wasting away. Jgn Lupa Like Share Subscribe.

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I cant live without her love. -CF now youre dead and gone. Cm so if you think you can handle me B F please handle me carefully.

Capo on first fret Intro Bm G A F G Em F picking Bm G A F G Em F strumming Verse Bm Shes gone G Out of my life. Dm C Bb F 3x Dm C Bb Bb Bb Bb F. Chord Steelheart – Shes Gone.

One More Night Penyanyi. Am F like a falling star. Kali Ini Saya Sharing Tutorial Gitar STEELHEART – Shes Gone Lengkap Dengan Chord Petikan Genjrengan Dan Cover Sehingga Mudah Dipa.

G to escape from the silent Am F and. Chord Steelheart – Mama Dont You Cry. Cm this could be your favorite drŠµam B F tell me nobody could love me like you do ooho.

I dont even know how long these pain C G will go away. My heart belongs to you. G Im so alone E Im begging you Em F F-Em Im down on my knees.

Dm with every move i unmake. The story of my life I take her home I drive all night to keep her warm And time Is frozen the story of the story of The story of my life I give her hope I spend her love until shes broke inside The story of my life The story of the story of Written on these walls Are. In my life Theres just an empty space.

Dm Bm E Forgive me girl. C baby baby baby. G that your love is gone.

C to find yourself. F all my love is gone. Cm i just cant catch a break.

Lady can you forgive me For all Ive done to you. Am F she told me that there was a saint C before a sinner. I was wrong Im to blame I was so untrue.

C she came into my life. A shell be gone in a minute E if you dont think youre lucky F to have her. Em F I cant live.

Shes gone F Out of my life. I really miss that. And Ill be gone gone tonight The ground beneath my feet is open wide The way that I been holdin on too tight With nothing in between.

Shes gone Out of my life. Dm Bm I really miss that girl E my love.

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